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Frequent Misconceptions About Paint

Do my parts come already painted from the factory?

Some do, some don’t. Some parts, like bumpers and moldings come painted from the dealers, but some are blanks that need to be painted. However, if the painted part comes already painted, there is no guarantee that it’ll match the paint on your car. Sometimes it is better to mix the paint from scratch to match the tint and shade of your vehicle as closely as possible, especially if your vehicle has been weathered or faded over time.

Can I get pre-mixed paints from the factory?

The factory does offer touch up paint, but that is intended for very small areas. You will not save money or time by purchasing pre-mixed paint from the factory because the weathering or fading of your vehicle’s paint may change the tint of the original color. That is why it is important to have an expert auto body painter mix and match the paint to the same shade on your vehicle. If you were to go ahead and put pre-mixed factory paint on your faded vehicle, the paint job will look terribly splotchy, and that’s not a good way to protect the investment in your car.

If a bird poops on my car, or if acidic sap gets on my car, will it affect the paint?

Yes, acid will eat away the clear coat over your paint, and will eventually eat away the paint color underneath. We suggest wiping off the dead bugs, bird poop, or sap off your vehicle as soon as possible. Cleaning off bird guano, tree sap, and dead bugs properly only takes a few seconds and will help your paint last longer. Also, you can protect your paint by having your vehicle waxed regularly. See a professional if you have questions about how to properly clean your vehicle.

If I get my car repaired after an accident, can I get away with not painting it?

After an accident, you may be able to repair it without painting, but it depends on the type of damage. If the paint is not damaged, you’re lucky and you won’t need paint repair. To test your paint, run your fingernail over the damaged area. If it snags your fingernail, it shows that the clearcoat and paint has been damaged and the vehicle needs repainting. If your paint is indeed damaged, we need to sand it down, repair the dented area, paint it, cure it, and seal it. Some people mistakenly feel they will save money if they opt out of a new paint job, but what it does is reduces the value of your investment.

Are all paint protectors created equal?

No. Some paint waxes and sealants will last longer than others. Even though they call a wax a “clear coat”, it eventually wears off. Kind of like how sunblock lotion on your skin eventually wears off, so does the wax protecting your paint. Ask your detailing experts about the types of paint sealants they are using and how long they are expected to last. Also, understand that some paint sealants are easier and faster to apply, and some involve multiple steps before completion. These factors affect the cost of detailing, plus the amount of time it will take.

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