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Honda is one of the most popular car brands in the United States. Look anywhere on the road and chances are good that you'll be driving alongside, near, or behind a Honda. Hondas are great cars and they run for a very long time if maintained properly.

Robert's Auto Repair is a Honda maintenance and repair destination.

Look, we talk an awful lot about how we are like a Car Spa, but we don't just service luxury vehicles. In fact, we maintain Hondas all the time here at Robert's Auto Repair.

Let's take the Car Spa concept a little further. EVERY vehicle deserves the royal treatment if you're going to rely on it to safely and dependably drive you around town.

Doesn't your reliable, fuel-efficient, and lovable Honda deserve the best care? We love to service Honda Accords, Honda Civics, Honda Odysseys, Honda Hybrids, and Honda Pilots, just to name a few of the many makes of this popular auto manufacturer.

Robert's Auto Repair is the premier auto repair center on the Monterey Peninsula that offers full service for your vehicle. Wouldn't you feel better knowing that we provide the same premier service to your Honda as we would a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus?

Treat yourself and your Honda today by taking it in for maintenance at Robert's Auto Repair. Contact us at 831-373-1534 for an appointment.


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