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How Not To Let an Accident Spoil a Family Holiday

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Blog Updated 11/13/23

This blog post is an updated version of a piece originally written in 2021.

The holidays are a magical time for creating cherished memories with family and friends. Whether you're traveling just around the corner or across state lines, hitting the road is often a part of the festive season. However, unforeseen events, such as accidents, can disrupt the joyous journey. In this updated blog, we revisit the essentials of a well-prepared road kit and introduce new aspects of our business, emphasizing our expertise in auto body work to assist you in vehicle mishaps.

Road Kit Essentials

A well-equipped road kit can be the difference between inconvenience and disaster. Here's a checklist to ensure you're ready for any unexpected challenges:

  • Flashlights: While smartphones have flashlight features, having a dedicated flashlight is more reliable. Invest in a quality flashlight for better visibility during roadside challenges.
  • Batteries: Ensure your flashlight won't be rendered useless by having spare batteries. Additionally, consider carrying pre-charged external battery packs for your electronic devices.
  • First Aid Kit: Safety first! A comprehensive first aid kit should include bandages, gauze, sanitizer, antibacterial cream, and essential medicines. Be prepared for any minor injuries until professional help is available.
  • Non-Perishable Food: Pack snacks with a long shelf life, such as dried fruits, nuts, and jerky. Having sustenance on hand is crucial if you find yourself stranded without access to food.
  • Water: Stay hydrated on the road. Include a few bottles of water in your kit to keep you refreshed during unexpected delays.

Accidents happen, and having a reliable auto body repair center is essential when they involve your vehicle. Trust us to get your vehicle back on the road in top condition.

What To Do If You Get in an Accident

Accidents can be stressful, but knowing what to do can make a significant difference. Follow these steps in order:

  1. Ensure Safety: Check for injuries and move to a safe location if possible.
  2. Call Authorities: Dial emergency services to report the accident.
  3. Exchange Information: Swap contact and insurance details with the other party involved.
  4. Document the Scene: Take pictures of the accident scene and vehicle damage for insurance purposes.
  5. Contact Us: If your vehicle requires auto body work, contact CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA. Our team is ready to assist you.

Defensive Driving Tips

To minimize the risk of accidents, consider these defensive driving tips:

  • Stay Alert: Avoid distractions and stay focused on the road.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance: Keep a safe following distance to allow time for reaction.
  • Obey Speed Limits: Adhere to posted speed limits for your safety and others.
  • Use Turn Signals: Communicate your intentions to other drivers.

The holidays are a time for joy, and we want to help you keep it that way. Proper planning and preparation and our auto body expertise ensure you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable journey this season. If you have any concerns about your vehicle, contact CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA.

Safe travels and happy holidays!

Blog From 2021:

The holidays are all about spending time with the family, eating good food, enjoying great music, and dishing out all the best stories from the year. Some of us travel a long way to the family get-together, but what we all have in common is that we have to hit the road one way or the other; to gather around the holiday table. The road is full of surprises, and accidents do happen; we want to be ready for them when they do. A great way to prepare for these unfortunate events is to have a road kit ready in your vehicle.

The difference between a disaster and a situation that you can handle can be as simple as having a few things in place before heading out. Imagine something as simple as not having batteries; if you needed to operate a flashlight. What was originally a simple task is now impossible; in the pitch-black nighttime conditions. Don’t get stuck on the side of the road without a plan; build a road kit and be ready for those unforeseen challenges. Here are a few suggestions of what you might include in your road kit!

Flashlights - Almost all of us have smartphones with flashlight capabilities, but they are nowhere near as easy to handle as a standard flashlight, and they aren’t as powerful either. Flashlights are cheap and easy to obtain, they come in many sizes, and they are an excellent item to include in your road kit.

Batteries - As we mentioned before, having some batteries at the ready can help you avoid a really sticky situation. We live in a high-tech world, but that goes away in an instant when you are stuck on a remote highway with no batteries or cell phone chargers to help you see. Consider buying some external charging bricks for your cell phone and pre-charge them before the trip. Beyond that, buy a couple of packs of batteries for your standard flashlights and store everything in your road kit.

First Aid Kit - In the case that you are stuck somewhere, and somebody gets hurt, you want to have the basic first aid capabilities that can keep you safe until you reach better help. Purchase or build a solid first aid kit with bandages, gauze, sanitizer, antibacterial cream, and basic medicines. These things come in handy when you least expect them, and they are an invaluable part of any road-kit.

Food - Non-perishable food items, or food items with long shelf lives, are a great idea for a road kit. Items like dried fruits, dried nuts, and jerky last a long time and will provide sustenance in a situation where you are stuck without food. Beyond that, make sure your road kit has a couple of waters to wash it all down.

The holidays are a time to share the best experiences with our families, not our worst! So make sure that you and yours are prepared for the road before you head out this season. It all comes down to proper planning and preparation in the end, so call your trusted auto repair center if you need any help getting your vehicle ready for the trip.

If you have any concerns regarding your vehicle this holiday season, don’t hesitate to Contact CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA. You can schedule an appointment with our auto body repair team, and they can help you get your vehicle ready for the road trip.


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