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How To Keep Cool In Your Car During Summertime

Summer is here, so it is time we start thinking about ways to stay cool and comfortable in our car. Fortunately, Robert’s Collision and Repair has you covered. We have compiled a helpful list of how to stay cool as a cucumber in the summer heat:


  • Park in the shade: Not only will you car thank you, but you will also feel much cooler.
  • Use a sunshade: These windshield covers keep the harmful UV rays at bay.
  • Cover up the leather: Ouch! Sitting on hot leather is painful, to say the least. To counteract this, cover up your car’s  leather with towels.
  • Keep an eye on the seat belts: The metal on the seat belts can get very hot. It is important to keep an eye on this before put them on you or your family.
  • Stay Dehydrated: Bring large bottles of water and ice to keep you and your family cool and hydrated during the summer heat.

We love to bring wine, food, or any other perishable on road trips with the family, but this begs the question: how do we keep it cool? Bring an ice cooler filled with ice packs to leave your perishables in. Ice packs are often better than loose ice, because loose ice is known to damage labels.


Also, we caution you not to leave your pet or child in the car. Children and pets are more prone to developing heat stroke than adults. In fact, children can develop heat stroke three to five times faster than adults. Sometimes, we can forget our dog or child is in the backseat. In order to counteract this, we recommend leaving your phone, purse, or briefcase in the back seat as a reminder.  If you ever see a pet or child in a hot car in the middle of summer, it may be wise to call the police. It is better safe than sorry!


Of course, we cannot forget about A/C. A/C is a wonderful way to stay cool in the summer. If your A/C is not working properly, or you would just like a check-up before a road trip, please contact Robert’s Collision & Repair. We are always happy to help. Hopefully with these tips, you are feeling prepared for the warm summer months ahead. Bring on the summer fun!

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