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Left, Right, and Left Again: Reliving your first year of driving

Photo by Jan Baborák on Unsplash 

Welcome to our August blog! For this blog, we will be talking about relieving your first year of driving and some of the things you can do to calm your nerves and help you drive, like if you have been doing so for years. 

The fear of driving is incredibly common among first-time drivers and can be mild or severe. It takes its time, probably up to three months or even more. Even if you start driving on the regular roads, it might take months before becoming really good, but it's all about practice. We all had the experience of having one family member or friend yelling at us while trying to teach us how to drive, but in the end, we all learned how to do it successfully. 

Our friends at CARSTAR Robert's want you to have the best experience learning how to drive or even how to teach your teen how to take the vehicle for the first time. For that, here are some helpful tips:

  • Calm your nerves: Whatever is passing through your head that makes you fear driving, stop thinking about it and focus on the road and your driving. 

  • Do not overthink the situation: The most significant mistake is to think repeatedly about the fear you have about driving. 

  • Stay on familiar roads: If this is your first time driving, make sure to start on roads that you already know and seem easy for you! You won't want to begin in a place where you don't know. 

  • Rid yourself of distractions: Make sure to focus on driving and the road entirely; the best way of doing it is by putting your cell phone away from where you cannot take it, as the phone can be the biggest distraction of someone driving. 

  • Stay away from interstates and major highways: Driving for the first time or learning how to drive can be terrifying for some. For this reason, you should avoid going into the freeway before even starting on small streets that you are familiar with. 


Remember that driving can be hard at first, but you will become an expert on it with a lot of practice, patience, and effort! But before even starting, make sure to have your vehicle in good condition, as a car breaking down in the middle of practice can be more terrifying than anything else. 

Here at CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair, we can help your vehicle with any auto body repair it needs. If you have questions for our team or your Kemper Direct / Unitrin Insurance representative, contact CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair! We invite you to schedule an appointment at


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