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Oil change, shmoil change. Who needs it?!

If you’re like me, you don’t pay as much attention to the needs of your car as often as you should. For most of us, we know what we like in the way of auto aesthetics and we want to get to where we need to go with as little challenge as possible. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but if we refuse to provide our vehicle with some much-needed love, then it might simply refuse to love us in return and leave us stranded on the roadside. It’s not just about a pretty face and just like humans, if we don’t take care of what’s under the hood, the results will not be kind to us. 

Yes, cars these days can often go much longer than the olden-days-recommended 3,000 miles, but they still need changing once in awhile. Oil is the lubricant your engine needs in order to run. Period. Without it, your engine will seize up and you’ll be looking at either a seriously ridiculous repair bill or you will need to buy a new (to you) car. Preferably one whose owner DID, in fact, check and change the oil as needed. No one likes to be stranded on the side of the road and absolutely NO ONE likes a huge repair bill. Especially when it easily could have been avoided. 

Oil lubricates all the moving parts in an engine to reduce the amount of friction and heat that naturally occurs under your hood. Over time, the oil breaks down and will stop doing its job. Before that happens, you’ll want to have it changed along with the oil filter that has its job of working to keep your engine clear of debris. You also have to watch for leaks. Even the tiniest of leaks can lead to bigger problems. This is one reason it’s good to regularly check your fluid levels or you might be surprised when you find out the hard way you have a leak. Even if you’re not a trained technician, you can easily learn how to do this. Go ahead and get your hands dirty once in a while. It will pay off and you’ll earn a sense of pride around being able to point out to your friends where the dipstick is. Just sayin’... 

Check with your owner’s manual to see what you car needs. Check with your auto mechanic as well, because with the latest and greatest advances in synthetic oil, you may not need to have yours changed for 15,000 miles. That’s FIVE times what used to be the golden rule (just in case your math is off.) WOWZA! There’s no need to overpay for services you don’t need, but this is truly one of the most simplest ways to get the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible. Take care of your car and it will take care of you. And Robert’s Collision & Repair is here to team up with you to make that possible!


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