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Regular Maintenance Can Save You Money

Investing in a proper maintenance program for your vehicle is beneficial to your wallet. As your local collision and repair, investing in proper maintenance also means more of our community members safe on the road. Lots of accidents are caused by circumstance, but every now and then we get someone in whose accident could’ve been avoided if either party had given their car some proper maintenance.

Proper maintenance reduces your costs by fixing little problems before they become big problems. Every single part of your vehicle affects multiple other parts when it’s not working well, either by damaging the other parts or putting more pressure and wear on them.

With regular maintenance performed on your automobile, you can expect 10 or more years and 200,000 or more miles from your car.  In fact, once you have paid off your vehicle's loan, you should begin to save money! Below, we dive deeper into all of the benefits of maintenance services.

Cut Down On Repair Costs

As we mentioned above, you will cut down on the repair costs if you do maintenance on your vehicle. Maintaining a vehicle's parts and systems is much more inexpensive than replacing them when they fail. 

Additionally, even a non-failing, or “kind of working” part can affect your vehicle as a whole. For example, dealing with issues your tires are having prevents you from needing long term work done on your suspension or axles. 

Vehicle Performance Increase

Better vehicle performance happens when you take your car in for regular maintenance. As you drive your vehicle, you may not notice it slowly perform less and less like its “factory” settings, as you adapt. In fact, you may not notice things are getting worse until a big problem happens or a dashboard light comes on.

However, maintenance will show you that your vehicle performance may have needed improvement for a while. Not to mention that maintenance has also been proven to help improve fuel economy and provide overall better driveability.

Increased Safety: Our Bread and Butter!

In the past, Robert’s was all about auto repair and maintenance. As our business has transformed, we changed to help meet the needs of our community as it pertains to collision and repair. So, you may be asking yourself, why do we care so much about preventative maintenance? While we do help out our local customers as best we can (just give us a call), we don’t technically make any money off preventative maintenance. Some may argue that we make less!

Maintenance increases safety. An ill-maintained vehicle can actually increase your chances of having an accident. CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey is all about keeping our community safe and supporting them after accidents. We are happy to help you navigate insurance and repairs, and we do so with the care that only other community members could provide. However, if we can help you avoid the headache, stress, and damage, we want to! 

Protect The Environment

You aid in protecting the environment when you take care of your vehicle. Help protect the beauty of Monterey! Poorly maintained vehicles are contributors to our air's pollution, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your vehicle's emissions and fuel efficiency when you take good care of it. 

Plan Ahead

Who wants to end up on the side of the road calling for a tow truck? NOBODY!

Maintenance gives you the ability to plan ahead. When you make repairs at your convenience, you can deal with the little things as they pop up instead of having to deal with 'emergencies'.

Not to mention, dependability is key to keeping you and your family safe. A properly maintained car is less likely to fail to start, stall or otherwise leave you stranded.

Resale Value

Of course, when you take care of your vehicle, you will also get a better resale or trade-in value. A well maintained car will be worth much more than a neglected one! Knowing that you took great care of your vehicle is leverage for you to sell your car for more. 

Love Your Car Again

At the end of the day, taking good care of your car gives you the pride of ownership. Driving enjoyment. How we care for the things we own says alot about how we feel about ourselves. It is much more comfortable and fun to drive a vehicle that looks and runs great, and we can’t emphasize enough how doing so doesn’t mean breaking the bank! As we have mentioned time and time again this blog, it can save you money to love and be proud of your vehicle.

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