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Visual Inspection vs. Computer Notification: Which Is Better?

Is a visual inspection better than a notice generated by your vehicle’s computer? Yes, and no. Both are important aspects of auto repair, and both have their advantages. Ideally, you should combine the two for a thorough inspection and assessment of your vehicle’s safety.

Computer notifications are great, because they notify you -- assuming you have a newer car with a system display or readout -- when your tires are low, your engine needs service, your air filters need to be replaced, your oil needs changing, etc. Take a Mini Cooper Countryman, for example. The display will show green tires if the tire pressure is good, and red tires if the tire pressure is too low.

Additionally, when you take your car into Robert’s Collision & Repair for service, its computer will give our technicians a readout of things to check. Using the Mini Cooper Countryman example again, the computer notified our staff that the brake pads may need to be replaced. Computer notifications are a good thing, for it helps remove the human error of “forgetting” to check something. Computers will also help you and the technicians to service certain parts on a factory recommended basis. So, yes, computer notification is a wonderful thing!

However, visual inspection, when combined with the computer notifications, helps verify if the computer’s recommendations should be acted upon. Those brake pads may only be worn by 50%, so the technician can decide whether the brake pads need to be replaced now or during the next scheduled service.

If your vehicle indicates that it needs service, you can be confident that the technicians at Robert’s Collision & Repair will utilize both the visual inspection and computer notifications while surveying your vehicle’s safety. If we see something that needs attention, we’ll notify you about it so you can decide the next steps of repair or replacement. Either way, we use all our facilities to keep you and your passengers safe while out on the road, because we care deeply about each and every one of our customers.

To schedule a safety inspection, factory-recommended service, or auto repair, contact us at 831-373-1534. We will be happy to schedule an appointment and get you back out on the road within a short time. Robert’s Collision & Repair is conveniently located near Highway 1 at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. See you soon!


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