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What Is Waterborne Paint?

Robert's Auto Repair is very proud to be the only green-certified auto body shop in the Monterey Peninsula. What makes us so green? Mostly, its our environmentally-friendly paint that we use on the vehicles.

Here is a definition of waterborne paint:

"Waterborne paints have been evaluated as alternatives to solvent-based paints. The volatile organic compound (VOC) content of waterborne paints is significantly lower than conventional solvent-based paints, thereby reducing VOC emissions. Waterborne (or latex) paints are composed of synthetic resins and pigments that are kept dispersed in water by surfactants. They also contain small amounts of coalescing solvents. Waterborne paints dry by evaporation of the water. The coalescing solvents allow the resin particles to fuse together (coalesce) as the water evaporates to form a continuous coating. Waterborne paints must be protected from freezing and applied at a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.'

'Waterborne paints reduce VOC emissions and worker exposure to hazardous air pollutants. These paints can also reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated, depending on the type of paint used."

Thanks to for this definition.

Waterborne paint is much safer for the environment and for people than traditional paints. And, due to its chemical makeup, it dries more quickly. After we paint the automobile, we then bake the paint at an even temperature with high-tech infrared equipment.

Painting an automobile used to take 6 to 8 hours in the auto body industry. With Robert's Auto Repair's waterborne paint and high-tech infrared equipment, it now takes less than an hour!

Ladies and gentleman, that's about the same amount of time it takes to thoroughly dry your nail polish! Pretty amazing, huh?

Bring your automobile into Robert's Auto Repair for it's "spa" treatment where its can get a "facial" and, in this case, a new coat of "nail polish"....errrr,...waterborne paint.

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