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Why Drive a Mercedes-Benz?

Those loyal to the brand would ask the question, why NOT drive a Mercedes-Benz? The automobile marque first appeared in 1926 although the history goes back to the first petrol-powered car receiving its patent in 1886. Karl Benz created it and Bertha Benz finance the venture. The slogan for the brand is “the best or nothing” and it really does show in every effort they make in design, technology, and drivability. So why else would one want to own and drive a Mercedes-Benz?

To start with, did you know that driving a Mercedes Benz will make you live longer? Okay, well that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but at the same time, think about this: Mercedes Benz designs cars to make your life a nicer place to be. They are beautifully designed and engineered in a way to help you relax behind the wheel. So, in reality then, maybe driving a Merc really DOES help you live longer. 

You drive a Mercedes because you appreciate the finer things in life. You like to look good as you drive down the streets of Monterey and beyond. There’s a sense of pride you get from slipping behind the wheel of a well-tested brand that delivers quality, style, and grace. There’s a certain amount of prestige that goes along with driving a Mercedes model of any kind. It’s reputation is undeniable and you enjoy being associated with such a classy brand. Driving a Mercedes gives any driver a sense of having arrived. There’s no better feeling than that! 

Not all Mercedes are created equal and not all are geared toward speed and power. In fact, most of the models aren’t geared toward outright performance, but effortless torque. They have plenty of power and the more money you spend on one, the more it has. Same goes for luxury aspects of the vehicle. Every Merc, however, is designed with luxury in mind. Even the “low-end” models that are made affordable for us commoners still have design elements that make us feel like we aren’t so common. No matter the class, all Mercedes owners have a feeling of pride in owning and driving one. 

Mercedes-Benz has become a car for the people. One of the coolest things, however, is that the range of “people” has greatly expanded. What that means is that there are options for the middle class individual who enjoys a sleek, luxurious ride all the way over to the person with an insane amount of money who also has an insane desire for power and high-performance. Luxury and performance are synonymous with Mercedes and the loyalty they receive from their drivers is almost as strong as those loyal to the BMW brand. Almost. 


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