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Why Should I have my Car Detailed?

Americans have a love affair with our vehicles. We cherish their beauty, styling, as well as the overall driving experience. They provide freedom, both real and perceived. Some people don’t see the value in paying to have their car detailed. Those who do truly understand the benefits of doing so as well as thoroughly enjoying the end results. 

Just in case you’re curious, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the top reasons why it’s a worthy investment:

  1. Chemical bug residue: hard to believe the damage a little bug can do to our paint, but if left to do its dirty work, bug residue can actually leave small holes in your paint that look like they came from small rocks. A carwash can’t get all the bugs out like a good detail can. 
  2. Oxidation: over time, the sun takes its toll on our vehicle’s paint job, especially on cars parked outside most of the day. A good clay waxing can help to restore the pigmentation and extend the life of your paint job in ways that simple washing and waxing can never do. 
  3. Fine scratches: oftentimes, fine scratches appear from car washes or handwashes that don’t use the proper materials. Auto detailing can gently remove those scratches without damaging your paint’s integrity. 
  4. Interior: the occasional interior detail will go a long way in preventing wear and tear, not to mention cracking of interior components such as the steering wheel and dashboard. It also deep cleans the seats and carpeted areas that will greatly help with resale value as well as general comfort. 
  5. Paint health: detailing is a great way to keep the health of your vehicle’s paint high. That helps keep the rust away and extends the life of your paint. 

There is nothing more satisfying than a beautifully cleaned vehicle! At Robert’s Collision & Repair we always return your car freshly washed and vacuumed, but did you know that we also offer stellar auto detailing services? We use nothing but the best products to ensure the best auto detail possible. We offer various auto detailing packages to ensure you can find one that’s right for your budget. You can find us at 234 Ramona Ave. in Monterey. For best service, schedule an appointment online.


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