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Your Tires Won't Be Tired Anymore!

We often take tires for granted. We run them through mud, rocks, snow and sand. We kick them. We curse at them when they go flat. No wonder they're tired!

Tires are often the most under appreciated part of our vehicles. Like our feet, we don't pay much attention to them until something goes wrong.

We recently added a full-service tire center inside our 26,000 square foot facility here at Robert's Auto Repair. Whether your tires are worn or flat, out of balance or need rotating, we are here to help. We'll even clean them up and make them shiny...making them look less tired!

Because we love having state-of-the-art technology that makes our precision-work easier, we can do tire alignment that meets your auto's factory specs! Right down to the millimeter, Robert's Auto Repair can align your tires in a way that will drastically reduce wear and tear on your tires.

Like a chiropractor for your car, we will help create perfect alignment that will add longevity to your vehicle's life. Not bad for a mere tire service center!

Call now at 831-373-1534 to schedule an appointment to check your tires. We promise we won't dishonor them by kicking them!


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