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Are Your Tires Ready for the Holidays?

Most people think of major road trips when they plan for tire service and maintenance. However, it’s the daily wear and tear on your vehicle, like your commute to work, trips to the mall, driving the kids to their activities, etc., that create the need for new tires. Be safe as we enter the holiday season and come to Robert’s Auto for tire service and maintenance.

What kind of tire services do we provide? Here is a list of what we do, and why these maintenance services are so important:

Flat tire repair: Fully-functioning tires are an imperative part of driving safely. If your tire continually loses air or has a puncture, we emphasize bringing it into our shop for flat-tire repair as soon as possible. We will repair punctures, maintain tire pressure, and prevent any further damage.

New tire installation: One of the most important aspects of your vehicle’s up keep is installing new tires. Driving on old, worn tires is hazardous and can definitely be a damper on your holiday plans.

Tire rotation: After your vehicle’s tires are rotated, your vehicle will drive much smoother and safer. Even though your tires rotate in a circle when you drive, they need to be rotated from wheel to wheel so they can wear evenly. Regular tire rotation is key to getting the most out of your tires.

Wheel balancing: When your wheel is properly balanced, it means your tires and wheels will spin with no vibration. If your car’s tires and wheels are unbalanced, your car’s suspension and steering elements will wear down much quicker. Regular maintenance will save you time and money down the road.

Front end alignment: Sometimes all we think that can happen to our tires is a puncture, but that is far from true. We must make sure our tires are perpendicular and parallel. When your front end tires are not properly aligned, you car is facing uneven pressure and resistance. Most likely, your vehicle is burning gas much faster than normal. Two wheel and Four wheel alignment: One of the most severe consequences of improper two wheel and four wheel alignment is unsafe steering. Regular maintenance of wheel alignment ensures your steering will always be precise.

If your vehicles require new tires or want to take advantage of our other tire services, Robert’s Collision & Repair will be happy to take great care of you. Call for an appointment at 831-373-1534, and visit our 26,000 sq. ft. facility at 234 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940.


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