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Brake Safety and The Thanksgiving Holiday

Brakes are often taken for granted, until they don’t work so well. If you’re planning to travel across town or on the freeway, getting your brakes checked and repaired is the best way to stay safe.

We don’t mean to scare you, but look at some of these scary Thanksgiving Holiday driving statistics:

  • Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled holiday period of the year with almost 90% of those traveling doing so by car and, if previous year statistics hold true, this Thanksgiving weekend will also be the deadliest holiday period of the year.
  • Speeding is the major reason for traffic crashes. Higher speeds reduce the time you have to react to an emergency situation and increase the crash forces in a collision.
  • Tired drivers who worked all day Wednesday are now facing the frustration of being stuck in slow traffic for such a long distance. These tired drivers may be tempted to take chances they might not otherwise take.
  • Drivers leaving late on Sunday who waited until the end of football games before hitting the road often don’t give themselves enough time and rush the drive home.
  • Drivers are usually more tired and have consumed more alcohol during the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Most of the people injured in auto crashes were not wearing their seatbelts.

So, make sure you get a brake inspection if you’re planning to travel. Robert’s Auto Repair will fully inspect your brakes to help you stay safe and avoid accidents. Call today to schedule a service at our 26,000 square foot facility, located at 234 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940.

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