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Conserving Water When Washing Your Car

Thanks to the low amount of rainfall this Winter, the Monterey Peninsula is now at a “Stage 1” alert of its water conservation and rationing plan. Restrictions in Stage 1 are minor, but many of us want to cut back on our water consumption as we watch this drought progress. To help save water, here are some tips on conserving water when washing your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or van:

Water your plants and wash your car at the same time by washing vehicles on grass or gravel, not pavement. Not only will you help recharge the groundwater, but the water won’t be running over the pavement and down the storm drains.

Use a bucket with soapy water to wash your car instead of a running hose. A bucket helps you conserve water better.

When you use a hose, make sure it has a spray nozzle that shuts off while not in use. A hose can use 100 gallons of water during a 10 minute car wash, and a spray nozzle can reduce that water waste down to 10 gallons.

Consider taking your vehicle to a professional car wash facility that uses recycled water. We have terrific car washes on the Monterey Peninsula, so take advantage of their services.


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