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Customer Testimonial for Body Work and Customer Rewards Card

The other week, I did something dumb. I backed up into a pole without realizing it was there. My brand new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman (aptly named Pepe Le Bleu since he’s peppy, he’s true blue, and has white bonnet stripes) not only had its first scratch, but I completely broke the rear passenger tail light. Major bummer! My poor car!

Being the gal who does marketing projects for Robert’s Auto Repair, I knew exactly where to take my Mini for auto body repair....Robert’s Auto Repair, of course. Even though I knew this was going to cost me plenty (since Mini is made by BMW, and BMW parts aren’t cheap), I decided to look at the bright side of it all. Finally, here was a great opportunity to experience the full service that Robert’s Auto Repair provides its customers.

Now, when people ask me how is the customer service and quality of work at Robert’s Auto Repair, I can happily report that yes, I’ve pleasantly experienced oil changes, new tires and alignment, detailing the the Paint Protection Package, Major 60,000 mile Service, and body work. In essence, my family vehicles have been serviced by every department of Robert’s Auto Repair.

Truly, they do great work. When I got Pepe Le Bleu back from the shop, he was bright, shiny, and new again. The painters, detailers, and the body shop staff put their heart and soul into making my Mini look beautiful, and I am proud to be driving it around town again, showing off my beautiful car.

Plus, with my Customer Rewards Card, I earned discounts for future work at Robert’s Auto Repair. If you’ve not experienced the Customer Rewards Card Program yet, here’s how it works: When you bring your vehicle in for service or repair at Robert’s Auto Repair, you will receive a card with a unique identifying number. Each time you visit our shop we will add the dollar amount that equals 3% of your service that day (before taxes) to your card. Once the balance on your card exceeds $5 (minimum balance required), you may apply the dollar amount of your choosing from the balance on your card (minus the $5 min.) toward a service or repair for a maximum of 50% of the invoice.*

So, with the Customer Rewards Card Program, if I spent $1300 on auto body work, I just earned $39 in savings for the next service, and that can easily take care of a Platinum Full Service Car Wash or a good chunk of the fee for an oil change. Not bad!

So yes, I am the gal who does marketing for Robert’s Auto Repair, but I’ll happily tell the world how great this auto body and repair shop is to the whole world (if they’ll listen)! For expert mechanical repair, complete paint and body work, contact Robert’s Auto Repair for an appointment at 831-373-1535. Robert’s Auto Repair is conveniently located at 234 Ramona Avenue, just off Del Monte Blvd., in Monterey, CA 93940.

Thank you, Robert’s Auto Repair, for all you do!

Jennifer Filzen
Rock Star Marketing


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