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Distracted Driving & You

If you are like a lot of us here on the Monterey Peninsula, you’re probably itching to start traveling again. Believe us, we feel you! After being under strict COVID regulations for over a year, we’re all starting to get the travel bug.

The problem, however, is that once we start getting back to normal, we are going to see more cases of distracted driving again. Distracted driving can cause accidents. Some of those accidents are minor, and some of them end up with fatalities. No one wants to get into an accident, so here are five ideas about how you can lower your chances of getting distracted while driving.


  1. Lock your phone in the glove compartment.

If you easily get distracted by your phone, a simple solution is to stow it in your glove compartment. If your car’s Bluetooth system detects an incoming call, you can answer your phone via your steering wheel controls or your ear buds.


  1. Restrain yourself from eating and drinking while driving.

We know that fast food drive-thrus are ubiquitous, but when you’re munching on a hamburger and sipping on a cola while driving, you’re distracted. It’s that simple. Do your best to park and eat for a more relaxing eating experience.


  1. Lower the volume on your radio and other mobile devices.

If the volume is too loud, you may miss hearing critical details, like a pedestrian telling you to stop, or a quick tap of the car horn. 


  1. Reduce visual and auditory distractions.

When traveling with passengers, they can create visual and auditory distractions that affect the driver’s concentration. Do everything you can as the driver to limit visual and auditory distractions coming from your passengers, even if that means putting them and their mobile devices in the back seat.


  1. Remove all blind spots if possible.

Sometimes a car seat headrest can create a blind spot. Convertible soft tops are notorious for creating blind spots. Even hanging clothing on the hook by the window of the rear seat can create a blind spot. Do your best to remove all blind spots so you’re not guessing while driving.

Look, we’ve all suffered loss during the pandemic. The last thing we need is to continue losing lives because of distracted driving. You and your family deserve long, happy lives, and we hope these tips help keep you and your passengers a little healthier, happier, and accident-free.

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