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Driving Safely During the Independence Day Holiday

When the 4th of July comes around, that means a lot of people will be hitting the road...both into and out of town. Here on the Monterey Peninsula, we attract many tourists, and we love them. However, they’re not accustomed to the traffic rules in our area, so it’s important to drive extra cautiously around the Monterey Peninsula during the Independence Day Holiday.

Things to Remember:

Tourists love to honk their horns in the tunnel. It’s a tradition among many. Our advice is to protect your hearing and close your sunroof, windows, and convertible top while driving through the tunnel.

There are no left turns on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey. Unfortunately, many visitors disregard the double yellow lines in the road and make left turns into driveways and parking lots anyway. Be on the lookout for visitors making left turns, or you could have a collision!

There are several one way streets and inevitably, someone from out of town heads in the wrong direction. These streets include Foam, Reeside, and Dickman in New Monterey; Franklin and Alvarado in downtown Monterey, and portions of Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove. Be extra cautious when driving these streets at night.

How many times have you seen people running stop signs? Well, we’ve seen a lot, and that is why business is always booming here at Robert’s Auto Repair. Seriously, come to a complete stop when you come to a stop sign. Also, remember to let those that stopped before you, go first. Just because you paused at a stop sign does not mean it’s your turn to go.

Watch the speed limit and crosswalks because there are many pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists who are either not watching traffic, texting while walking, or they’re lost.

When driving on Pacific Avenue from downtown Monterey towards New Monterey and Cannery Row, be extra cautious of pedestrians who think they can walk across the street above the tunnel from the DLI side to the recreational trail side safely. Not true! It’s a blind curve and they’re in for trouble if a car doesn’t see them! Be extra cautious here, especially at night.

Fireworks of any kind are not allowed on the Monterey Peninsula, or it’s a $1000 fine. Sorry folks, but the beaches and neighborhoods are no longer a place to play with or see fireworks.

If you follow these tips, not only will you have a safe 4th of July holiday, you’ll keep those visitors safe, too.


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