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Driving Safety During The First Rains of the Season

Slick roads are only fun on a go-kart track...not on the freeway, right? When the first rains of the season hit the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas, it is important to be very careful while driving.

When the first rains of the season come along, the roads are super slick due to the oils deposited from the traffic. Naturally, when water drops hit the well-oiled roadways, there is a higher tendency for cars and trucks to slip and slide. At best case scenario, your vehicle hits a slick spot and hydroplanes for a second. In the worst cases, your vehicle loses traction altogether, sending your vehicle into a tailspin or fatal crash. To prevent these hazards, here are a few driving safety tips during the first rains of the season:

  • Exercise extreme caution.
  • Allow for more travel time.
  • Do not use cruise control.
  • Brake earlier, and don’t use too much force.
  • Avoid pooling water when possible.
  • Turn on your headlights and wipers at first sign of rain.
  • Be extra careful around pedestrians.
  • Give the vehicle in front of you plenty of space.
  • Defog your windows.
  • When hydroplaning, ease off the gas pedal and avoid braking suddenly or turning your steering wheel.
  • If you spin out, turn your wheels into the direction of the spin, but don’t over correct too much or you may end up losing control or flipping your vehicle.

We hope these driving safety tips are helpful to you. If you end up getting into an accident -- minor or major -- during the rainy season, we are here to assist you. Robert’s Auto Repair is a preferred vendor for many insurance companies, and we have the tools to get your vehicle fixed up again quickly.

To schedule an appointment with our auto body or detailing shop, please call today at 831-373-1535. Robert’s Auto Repair is conveniently located at 234 Ramona, Monterey, CA 93940, right off of Del Monte Blvd. at Highway 1.


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