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How To Drive A Manual Transmission Effectively

There are many YouTube videos showing beginners how to drive a manual transmission. On the other end, you can take driving courses at the Skip Barber Driving School at Laguna Seca Raceway to drive a manual transmission like a pro. To help you drive a manual transmission in a way that is easy on your vehicle and gets you the best gas mileage, here are some tips for driving a stick.

1. If you are new to standard transmissions and need to learn how to drive the car, here is a helpful video:

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2. Now that you know how to drive your standard transmission vehicle, begin driving as you normally would in an automatic. Avoid tailgating the vehicle in front of you so you have plenty of time to stop.

3. Shift a few hundred RPMs earlier than normal to save gas. By shifting early, you don't wind the engine up so much.

4. When you are at cruising speed, somewhere around 55 miles per hour, shift to the highest gear to achieve a higher top speed. When your engine is in a higher gear at lower RPMs, your vehicle will use gas more efficiently.

5. Drive a little faster while going up hills so your vehicle can stay in the highest gear longer.

6. If you really want to master the art of driving a stick, enroll in the Skip Barber Driving School. They teach everything from teen driving safety to high performance driving skills. For more information, visit their website at

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