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Keep Your Parked Car Cool during the Summer

One of the worst things during the summer is to get into a car that has been parked for hours in the hot summer sun. Here are a few tips to help you deal with your hot and uncomfortable vehicle.

The first step is to look for a parking spot in the shade. However, your fellow drivers will also be looking for parking spots in the shade, so most likely the selection will be scarce.

If you are unable to find a parking spot that can shield your vehicle from the sun, lower your windows to let cool air ventilate your vehicle. It may be necessary to purchase a sun visor, which will protect the interior of your vehicle from the summer sun.

If you have an extra towel, it is also helpful to cover your steering wheel and dashboard with it. When you arrive back to your vehicle, the interior of car will not be as hot.

Once you get back into your vehicle, immediately roll down all your windows and let your engine warm up. Once your engine is ready to go, turn on your air conditioning and roll up your windows. The hot air will disperse in a few moments.

Hopefully, our tips will keep you cool and comfortable during Monterey’s warm weather months!


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