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Our New Spot Welder

Exciting things are happening around Robert's Auto Repair. We have installed our state-of-the-art Spot Welder equipment system that will drastically improve the turnaround time on most of our auto body repairs. Yay!

We're all giddy with excitement, and we can get lost in all the techie terms that come with this system, but here's what this system means to you in layman's terms.

Its special rack and all of its corresponding tools will allow us to precisely weld your vehicle back together in such a way that we 1) meet your automobile's factory specifications and 2) reduce the number of steps to complete the overall repair process.

Call us silly, but here's a photo of our new baby--our fully automatic spot welding machine!

We're so proud to have this system, because you're no longer going to have to drive out of the area or rely on your automobile's dealership to repair your vehicle "just right". Woo-hoo!

If you don't mind, we'd like to gush about this system, what it can do, and show some "action shots".

What is the spot welder and what does it do?

Fully automatic process-regulated, multiple function spot welding machine with medium frequency inverter operation and liquid cooled. Designed for the repair of vehicle bodywork, particularly of components made of high or maximum strength and also coated or laminated steel panels with clear quality assurance regarding welding process (welding results).

How does it work?

The auto body technician can use this tool to work more quickly and efficiently around the repaired vehicle. Here's an example of the spot welder being utilized at Robert's Auto Repair.

Also, if you're into tools like we are, we have an entire wall of components that plug into this system that are both universal and automobile manufacturer specific (like Mercedes and BMW).

Not that we want you to run out and get into an accident to you can test this baby out, but ... IF you happen to get into any type of automobile run-in, so to speak, we hope you'll let us show you what our new spot welder can do!

Seriously, please drive responsibly ... but come on in and ask for a tour to see what this system can do! We'd love to show it off to all you equipment aficionados out there!


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