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Parking at Local County Fairs

We loved going to the Monterey County Fair this weekend! Now that we’re into County Fair Season, it’s a fun time for everyone...but your car might not like it so much. Here are some ways to protect your vehicle from scratches and dings in the county fair parking lots while you’re snacking on cotton candy:

  1. Park your car in a wide enough space.
  2. Don't park your car between larger vehicles, for they could block your view or hit you with their wide doors.
  3. Park your car between compact cars.
  4. Park your car between new cars.
  5. Don’t park your car between 2-door cars.
  6. Pull your car through to the front of a 90-degree slot.
  7. DON’T pull your car through to the front of an angled slot.
  8. Don’t park your car near the cart corral.
  9. Park your car in the middle of the space.
  10. Never park at the end of an unprotected row.

These safety tips for parking your car should work, but when going to County Fairs and other festivals, there’s no guarantee you can find the ideal parking space. If, however, your car gets a ding or three, Robert’s Auto Repair can remove scratches and dings. Simply call our Body Shop to schedule an appointment at 831-373-1535.


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