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Preparing Your Vehicles for Winter

We’ve been saying it all year, but El Nino is here and we all need to be prepared. Is your car equally ready for the havoc El Nino and the winter storms will bring? Here are some ideas about how to prepare your vehicles for winter.


  1. Get your vehicle serviced regularly. Every 15,000 miles, your vehicle requires either minor or major service (odd numbers tend to be for minor service, while even numbers tend to be for major service). If your vehicle requires service, we will follow the steps to make certain your automotive oil is free of debris, your filters are clean, your brakes and tires are in good shape, your systems are operating properly, and your engine is in good shape. Our goal is to meet all the manufacturer service recommendations so your vehicle performs to factory specifications; keeping you safe while you traverse the wet roads and windy conditions.
  2. Protect your paint job. If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, consider a paint protection detail from our detail department. Or, consider a full interior / exterior detail to help your vehicle look clean and beautiful throughout the winter months.
  3. Prepare your radiator. Antifreeze will be an important ingredient for vehicles facing winter cold. Even if you live on the coast where freezing is rare, antifreeze will protect your engine from extremes.
  4. Double check your tire wear. Bald, warped, or bulging tires are signs that you need new tires. Make sure your tires have plenty of tread, are in good condition, and are properly inflated before the winter storms.
  5. Be sure to always have at least a half tank of gas. Need to evacuate during an emergency? If you don’t fuel up frequently, your tank may be too low to get out of harm’s way. Be sure to keep a full tank so you can drive far enough to safety, even if it’s 100 miles away, or if the traffic jam is longer than you’d expect.
  6. Improve window visibility. Are your wiper blades old, cracked, or smearing debris on your windshield? Do you have an assortment of dangly things, paperwork, or trinkets mounted from your rearview mirror, dashboard, or rear window area? Increase window visibility by replacing your wiper blades and removing non-essential things that could block your view. Your safety will improve because it’ll be easier for you to see oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and outside objects.
  7. Pay attention to strange noises. If your vehicles are making odd noises, chances are high that something is wrong. Bring your vehicle into Robert’s Collision & Repair for a diagnostic test and we’ll get to the source of the problem.
  8. Carry a first aid kit. You never know when you’ll need first aid assistance, so be sure to keep a kit handy in your vehicle. Waterproof ponchos and blankets are good additions, too.
  9. Stash some coins and cash. Though you don’t want to have it visible to potential thieves, you really should carry some cash and coins just in case there’s a power outage. Trust us, cash is going to be very handy when stores and restaurants cannot accept credit and debit cards. If you can do it, go ahead and stash some cash in a safe place within your vehicle.
  10. Carry some clean water. Even though you can find water most anywhere, it is always a good idea to carry a few bottles of water inside your vehicle to keep yourself and everyone else hydrated. If you happen to have purified water stored near your first aid kit and spare tire tools, you can use the water for multiple roadside emergencies if the occasion arises.

At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we love to help you any way we can with your vehicle, and we hope you find these winter preparation tips useful. For high-quality auto body repair, mechanical repair, oil changes, auto paint, auto detailing, and tire service, come see us at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. For your convenience, schedule an appointment by calling 831-373-1534.

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