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Save Gas this Summer!

As gas prices continue to startlingly increase in America, summer road trips may seem completely out of the question. However, here are several tricks to help you conserve your fuel so that you can still enjoy an action-packed summer vacation.

It is important to avoid excess braking and accelerating. Instead, try to predict when the light will turn red, coast to stop, and then slowly accelerate again. In general, rapid braking and accelerating will waste more fuel.

When on the freeway, use cruise control to keep your car at a consistent speed. Statistics have concluded that using cruise control can conserve your fuel economy by 10%.

Before leaving your house use mapping sites, like Google Maps and MapQuest, to plan your trip. Mapping sites will allow you to compute the most the efficient route to and from each location.

Maintaining proper air pressure in your tires can also benefit your fuel economy. Lower air pressure results in rolling resistance so it is important to check your tire pressure weekly and replace flat tires as soon as possible. Robert’s Auto Repair provides quality tire service and can quickly repair any issue that may arise.

With these fuel conservation tips, hopefully, the rising gas prices will not put a damper on your summer vacation.

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