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Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle?

Have you thought about Spring Cleaning your vehicle? If you do, not only will your car be cleaner, but it could become more fuel efficient, too. Here are some areas where your vehicle could benefit from some deep cleaning and a little bit of extra elbow grease.

1. Take out the trash. Do you really need all those empty water bottles and boxes of junk taking up trunk space and adding weight to the car? Do you really want your vehicle to be a rolling lab experiment with excess amounts of crumbs, dirt, and lost french fries on the floorboards? Get rid of the trash and vacuum that sucker out!

2. Check your tire pressure. As the seasons and temperatures change, so does your tire pressure. You’ll save money on gas if your tires are filled with the recommended levels of air.

3. Clean your windows. If you’re the type who doesn’t do windows, our detailing center will be happy to take care of that for you. When your windows are clean, inside and out, you will have better visibility. Plus, Spring bugs that commit buggy suicide on your vehicle are acidic and can eat away your paint, so wash your whole car, too.

4. Keep hydrated. Your vehicle depends on clean, freely moving fluids, and it’s up to you to make sure your vehicle has the proper fluid levels running through it. If your car gets too “thirsty”, various systems may begin to fail on you, and the repairs are far more costly than topping off the fluids.

5. Breathe easier. The air filters on your car act like a lung, so a gunked up air filter can cause air flow problems to both your engine and your air conditioning system. Air filters are very affordable, so don’t skimp on an air filter replacement. Just say yes to clean air!

6. How’s that tire tread? If your worn tires meet rainy roads, you might have a spin out...or worse! Be smart and make sure your tires are in top condition. If they aren’t, replace them at Robert’s Auto Repair.

7. Stop in the name of love! How are your brakes? Do they stop on a dime, or are they slower to react? The brakes on your car are your number one safety feature, so get those brakes checked. Properly working brakes help keep you away from traffic accidents.

If you are ready to make an appointment with Robert’s Auto Repair, contact us today. You’ll be glad you did!

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