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The Importance of Buying Good Tires

Most drivers take their tires for granted until there is a problem, like a flat or worn tread. However, ignoring your tires can become a major safety issue because tires are your vehicle’s only contact to the road.

Not only should you pay attention to your tires, but you should also learn the difference between good tires and bad tires, cheap tires and expensive tires, sizes of tires, and the best tires for the conditions you drive in.

But first, let’s discuss the importance of buying good tires:

Good tires last longer.

Good tires may not be the least expensive, but they offer better value.

Good tires come with a warranty.

Good tires play a big role in your safety, so don’t be “penny-wise and pound foolish”.

Some vehicles, like Hondas, have plenty of good tire options, while others, like the Mini Cooper Countryman, requires special sized run-flat tires. If you are unsure what kind of tires to put on your vehicle, the Robert’s Collision & Repair team will be happy to steer you toward good, safe tires that are affordable and appropriate for your car. If we don’t have the tires you need in-stock, we’ll be happy to order them for you and they should arrive within a few days.

Here is a helpful video that explains what you should look for when buying new tires:

If your vehicles require new tires, Robert’s Collision & Repair will be happy to take great care of you. Call for an appointment at 831-373-1534, and visit our 26,000 sq. ft. facility at 234 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940.


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