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Top 5 Obscure (yet really cool) Monterey Spots to Check Out This Summer

If you live in the Monterey area, you know what a fantastic place it is and how many beautiful things there are to see and do. This time of year is lovely and calls us out to explore. Are you ready to get your adventure on but you want to stay local? Are you tired of the same old, yet fantastic, attractions? Here are 5 of the more obscure, yet relaxed, places you may not have already checked out.

Who doesn't love a good pastry or taste of chocolate? The artisans at Parker-Lusseau Pastries bring you the very best of France and the U.S. with decades of knowledge and experience crafting the finest pastries and chocolates. They aim to delight all of your senses and offer a luscious way to start your day or decorate your holiday table. You simply cannot miss with one of their creations, and, they are easy to find, now having three local eateries. Yum!

Wowza! Talk about soul-filling beauty. Lonely yet lovely as the Point Sur Lighthouse was built to protect passing ships, but was not easy to get to as the road in was treacherous. It’s much easier to get today and is the only totally complete turn-of-the-century lighthouse open to the public in California.

Looking for surreal? You could not get any more surreal than Salvador Dali and his work. Monterey was the only place in the United States where Dali lived and worked andthe Dali17 refers to his time spent on the 17-mile drive and the influence he had on the area especially back in the 1940’s. Truly a unique gem.  


Have you had a chance to walk along the Pacific Grove Ocean Trail to Monterey? This walk affords some of the best scenery in the area. You can enjoy a leisurely walk, a peaceful sit-on-a-bench, or even bring your mountain bike for a little more intensity.  


Do you believe in ghosts? Do you like a unique ambiance? Restaurant 1833 is a destination restaurant full of charm and character that offers up some of the best local cuisine combined with mystery and fun. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere… none will disappoint and delivers a definitely unique local experience. Boo!

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