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Traffic Safety Tips

Now that school’s back in session and Indian Summer is here, we’ve all seen our fair share of increased traffic. We all know how important traffic safety is, but here are a few reminders that will keep you and your vehicle safe and sound:

Tip #1: Don’t drive distracted. About 80% of all auto related deaths and injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year. For all of you who are putting on makeup while driving, texting while driving, fiddling around with your mapping system while driving, or eating drive-thru meals while driving, your ability to focus on your primary task of driving is greatly diminished. Do all of this before or after you begin driving.

Tip #2: Talk on a hands-free cell phone system. Many new cars, like the Mini Cooper Countryman, have hands-free cell phone system, and this keeps both hands free to command the vehicle. Too many times, we see people driving and talking on their cell phones with one hand holding it flat, nestled in the crook of their neck, or blatantly up to their ear. With all due respect, with all the technology we have for hand-free cell phone systems, it’s time for you to upgrade to one.

Tip #3: Remember your driving rules when approaching a 4-way stop. Just because you pause at a stop sign doesn’t mean it’s your turn. Watch this video from the California DMV for rules at intersections:


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