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What Auto Body Work Will My Insurance Cover?

This is a question asked often at Robert’s Auto Repair, and the answer depends on your insurance company and your specific auto insurance policy. When you come to Robert’s Auto Repair, here’s how we interact with your auto insurance company during the course of the auto body repair:

  1. Generally when you have a claim, you will contact the insurance company and they will issue you a claim number, and let you know what your deductible is.

  2. After you receive your claim number, you have the right to go to any auto body repair shop of your choice for estimates and/or repair.

  3. Once you choose your auto body shop, you may get started with the repair.

  4. If you were to come to us, our estimators will assess the car’s damage and take photos documenting what auto body work needs to take place.

  5. We will report to your insurance company our full estimates of the repair cost and will come to an agreement with them about what will be repaired.

  6. If your insurance company comes back to us saying that they disagree with what we plan to repair, our estimators will continue negotiating with your insurance company until the repair costs are mutually agreeable.

  7. If we discover that there is hidden damage found, we will continue negotiating with your insurance company until there is agreement to repair the damage.

  8. The Robert’s Auto Repair team and your insurance company always come to an agreement, and this process allows us stand behind our workmanship with a lifetime warranty.

What does this process mean for our auto body repair customers?

  1. We shield our customers from having to do all the legwork and negotiations with the insurance company.

  2. There is no “smoke and mirrors” about how the Robert’s Auto Repair team handles insurance repair.

  3. Our customers are only responsible for paying their deductible and not the bulk of the insurance covered repair.

  4. We streamline the entire auto body process for our customers from start to finish.

  5. Our customers end up with a repaired vehicle in a short amount of time, restored to pre-accident conditions.

  6. The entire auto body repair process is a win-win-win for everyone.

If your vehicle has been in an accident and requires auto body repair, contact us online to schedule an appointment. Got questions? Call our main number at (831) 373-1535. Robert’s Auto Repair is conveniently located at 234 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940. We look forward to serving you soon!



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