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What Is Our Brake Repair Workflow Process?

Robert’s Auto Repair has developed a solid reputation along the Monterey Peninsula for premier workmanship and service. We go the extra mile in everything we do to make certain our clients receive 100% satisfaction. To help illustrate why we do what we do and how we do it, we thought it would be educational to show a behind the scenes viewpoint of how we do our workflow process on a simple task such as brake service and repair.

The brakes on your vehicle are its most important safety feature, and brakes are not something that can be neglected, at all! Due to the braking system’s constant use, brakes may require maintenance after several thousand miles or when your vehicle appears to take longer than it should to come to a complete stop. To better understand our workflow process, here is a typical checklist we run through to provide the best brake system maintenance and brake repair:

First, we test to see if the brakes work okay.

Next, we determine how the brake system is doing based on the following questions:

Does the brake pedal seem:

  • To work just fine?

  • Too high?

  • To pulse or chatter?

  • Hard?

  • To return to slowly?

  • Spongy?

  • Soft?

  • To work better when pumped?

  • Too low?

Thirdly, we take the vehicle for a test drive and ask the following questions:

Does the vehicle:

  • Stop straight?

  • Pull left only when braking?

  • Pull right only when braking?

  • Always pull in one direction when braking?

Fourthly, we check to see if the brakes:

  • Grab?

  • Make noise?

  • Seem to be dragging?

  • Lock at times?

Our fifth step monitors the emergency brake to see if it is working properly.

Our sixth step is to check the brake fluid. We will either replace it if it has not been flushed within 6 months, or we will top it off if the brake fluid has been in the car less than 6 months.

Seventh, we will make certain the brakes have been adjusted to factory specifications.

Our eighth step is to check your dashboard lights and see if your brake light has been activated. Once we have repaired your brakes, we will reset the light so it turns off.

Our ninth and final step is to make a notation in our records of when the brakes were serviced and repaired so we will know what to look for next time you bring your vehicle in for service.

We make sure to take all the measures necessary with our brake repair workflow, as well as any of our procedural workflows for any vehicle. After all, our attention to detail is what helps keep Robert’s Auto Repair the premiere auto body and auto repair facility in Monterey County.

To schedule your next brake service and repair, contact Robert’s Auto Repair at (831) 373-1534. We are conveniently located near Highway 1 and Del Monte Blvd. at 234 Ramona Avenue, Monterey, CA 93940. We look forward to serving you soon!


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