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What to do when you get in an Accident

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Greetings from our second blog of the month! This week’s blog is all about what you should do if you find yourself involved in a vehicle accident. The National Highway Traffic Administration records that there is a vehicular accident approximately every 60 seconds, equating to an estimated amount of 5.25 million accidents per year. 

While we hope you never have to put these tips to practice, it is essential to know how to act in these stressful situations. Continue reading to learn more about important steps that you can take to ease the stress of being in an unfortunate situation.

  • Stay calm and assess the situation - One of the first things to consider when in an accident is to stay calm and assess the situation. Figure out what happened and if you are injured. If you were traveling with passengers, ask who is injured or if anyone requires critical assistance.

  • Alert police - If the situation requires it, contact emergency services. Make sure to provide details of the situation so you can be assisted with the proper services.

  • Document the scene and move to a safe location - Whatever the situation, it is important to document the scene with details such as location, what happened based on your recollection, and who was involved. Moving to a safe place can also be done to prevent further accidents from occurring and allowing traffic to flow.

  • Exchange information - Exchanging information such as insurance and ID with other parties involved in the accident is essential for insurance and identification reasons. Having a way to communicate with other parties is something to ask for if you need to follow up with questions or concerns.

  • Contact your insurer - Providing information to your insurer will ensure you can be compensated for damages. 

While we can not do anything to prevent an unfortunate collision, we can guarantee that we will try our best to assist you with any wrecks or damages that may occur to your vehicle. Here at CARSTAR Robert’s Collision, we understand the stress that comes with an accident, and we want to make sure that we make the situation a little bit easier for you. Schedule your appointment online here or visit us at 234 Ramona Ave, Monterey, CA 93940 for any collision service.


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