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When School’s Out For Summer

Summer is around the corner, and that usually means Summer road trips. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for Summer driving:

  1. Check your tires regularly. -- Robert’s Auto Repair has a tire service center, so allow us to take a look at your tires, wheels, and alignment for safety.
  2. Check your cooling and air conditioning systems. -- Robert’s Auto Repair will be happy to test your cooling system and your AC system to make sure there are no leaks or problems.
  3. Change your oil on schedule and keep full. -- Regular oil changes will keep your engine running perfectly during summertime heat and extensive road trips.
  4. Check the gas cap. -- The gas cap is an important component of your car’s emission control system, so we will make sure the gasket is properly in place.
  5. Check your lighting and visibility. -- Robert’s Auto Repair will double check all your safety lights and make certain your windows are free of cracks and dings.
  6. Use a pro for long trips. -- Many wise travelers bring their vehicles in to Robert’s Auto Repair for complete, proactive auto service. We have the expensive diagnostics equipment, while a smaller shop may not.
  7. If you are interested in having your vehicle inspected for safety, schedule an appointment with Robert’s Auto Repair at 831-373-1534.


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