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How Much do you LOVE Car Shows? We’ve compiled a short list of some of the top car shows in the United States.

Americans love cars. To us, they are a symbol of freedom, independence and even if the make is foreign, part of the American dream. Also, there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon, or sometimes even a week, checking out the cars that are part of our history and heritage, or getting a glimpse at what the future holds. If you are a car-show enthusiast, these 10 should be on your bucket list. Some you can even squeeze in this summer and then put the rest on your calendar for next year.  This first one is right in our backyard and is coming up next month, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This show is part of an entire week of car shows, also worthing of your time. This is a vintage show with around 200 collector vehicles on display, and they usually reveal a surprise upcoming product from one of the auto industry leaders.  The largest and longest running car show in the U.S. is the Chicago Auto Show. This event boasts over one million square feet of sho ... read more



Fluids and Staying Hydrated

All the health experts agree...make sure you drink 8 glasses of water each day to stay healthy. When you have enough fluids in your body, toxins get flushed out, your wrinkles diminish, and you feel better. Well, the same can be said about your car. Obviously, your vehicle doesn't drink 8 glasses of water each day, but think about all the fluids your car requires to run "healthy". There's gasoline to make it go, there's water to cool it down, there's oil to keep it lubricated, and so on. Periodically, these fluids need to be flushed and replace in order to get rid of the "gunk". Changing the fluids in your radiator is especially important. Most of us are aware that radiator coolant keeps your engine from overheating and corroding, but did you know that the same fluid can corrode your engine if you leave it in too long? Over a significant period of time, the static charge of the engine makes the fluid acidic and it eats up the aluminum pipes, making your engine vulnerable to major ... read more



Robert's Auto Repair Key Words

Keywords are a hot commodity in online marketing. If you are an auto body shop, such as Robert's Auto Repair, and want to be known for all the things you do, there are a lot of key words to include in your description. These keywords can be broken down into types of service, location, technical terms, and so on. This blog has been created to place a few key words into your memory, in an informative--if not entertaining--way. First, let's look at the key words that describe Robert's Auto Repair services. Obviously, there is "auto repair", "auto body", "car repair", and "auto body shop". Additionally, other key words that describe us are "detailing center", "tire service center", "green certified", "on-site Enterprise car rental" and "insurance approved". But what about the key words that strike you when you enter our "classy", "clean", "excellent customer service", and "state-of-the-art equipment"? For some, location is key. Like the real estate industry folks say ... read more


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