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How To Avoid Summertime Overheating

Summer is unfolding. Temperatures are rising across the country. Many people are traveling to the Monterey Peninsula to enjoy our cool breezes. Regardless if you live here during “June Gloom”, or travel to hotter places like Fresno, Sacramento, Phoenix, or Las Vegas, we must stay vigilant toward servicing our vehicles during the summer months.


If your vehicle is prone to overheating, Robert’s Collision & Repair wants to make sure a breakdown doesn’t happen to you and your family. Here are a few ways our auto technicians help your vehicle avoid summertime overheating:


  • Ensure your vehicle has enough coolant fluid: This fluid flows through the engine and keeps everything cool as a cucumber. Without the right amount of coolant fluid, your vehicle would be prone to overheating.
  • Check the coolant fan: The coolant fan does exactly what its name entails. It keeps your engine cool. Our technicians check out your vehicle’s coolant fan and make sure it is working properly.
  • Check to see if your car is leaking coolant fluid: If your vehicle is leaking coolant fluid, then it is likely to overheat in the hot weather. We will check all aspects of your car’s coolant system to make sure everything is in order.
  • Inspect the fan belt: Without a properly working fan belt, you vehicle will overheat very quickly. It is important to have this aspect of vehicle inspected by a technician, especially before long road trips in the hot sun.
  • Ensure your vehicle’s thermostat is staying closed: Basically, a thermostat monitors your vehicle’s temperature, and when your vehicle reaches a certain degree, the thermostat opens up and allows more coolant to flow through your engine. If a thermostat is closed, your vehicle is using only a minimal amount of coolant. Your vehicle likely to overheat, especially if you are driving fast.
  • Inspect your vehicle’s radiator: Does your car have over 50,000 miles? If yes, then it is important for our technicians to take a look at it. It may be clogged up with excess gunk. Our team will flush your vehicle’s radiator. Flushing your vehicle’s radiator is an excellent way to avoid overheating in the hot summer.

Robert’s Collision & Repair will help your vehicle avoid overheating, wherever you drive. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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