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Quick Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Your car can sure get messy, can’t it? It seems as if after just one road trip with your family, your car is a whirlwind of trash, dirt, and anything else you can think of. The team at Robert’s Collision & Repair totally understands the struggle. That is why we have compiled a list of quick tips to keep your vehicle clean:


  1. Try to avoid eating in your car: It seems easy enough, but it is quite tempting to have a snack on a long road trip. If possible, refrain eating. With eating, comes crumbs, trash, and we are sure you know the rest.
  2. Knock your shoes together before getting into the car: When you knock your shoes together, excess gunk and dirt will come right off. It an easy trick to keep your car just a little bit cleaner.
  3. Clean messes up as quickly as possible: Oops, your daughter spilled her juice box. You are preoccupied and forget to clean it up until you get home. You get home and are left with a yucky stain that is just not coming out. Try to be proactive and clean up all messes right away, including tossing out the trash after every road trip.
  4. Keep a trash bag in your vehicle: This is one of our favorite tips. Put a trash bag in your car, fill it up with trash during a road trip, and easily take out the trash after your ride. It keeps your car tidy and clean.
  5. Try to incorporate a car washing routine into your schedule: Try to fit a time into your busy schedule to wash your car. There are also several ways you can wash your car without using too much water. First, wash your car in the shade, so the sun does not dry the water too quickly. Next, fill a bucket with water and soap, instead of using a hose.
  6. Get your car waxed: There is nothing like a freshly-waxed car. Waxing is your car’s ultimate facial, and it is a fantastic way to keep your car sparkling. Robert’s Collision & Repair is an expert in car facials, AKA waxing!

Who doesn’t love a car that is clean inside and out? Robert’s Collision & Repair certainly does. Our team would love to get your vehicle sparkling in the summer sun. To schedule an appointment for a detail service, contact us today.

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