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The Joys of Waterborne Paint

At Robert’s Collision & Repair we’ve held a long-existing standard of excellence and environmental consciousness, and when it comes to protecting our local environment, we go the extra mile. That’s why we use waterborne paint for all of our automotive painting services. Regular automotive paint is very high in solvents (75%) which is a leading cause of environmental damage. These solvents are made up of Volatile Organic Compounds… while ‘organic’ is often a good word and one we look for, when it’s coupled with ‘volatile,’ then that drastically changes the meaning.


European countries have long been using waterborne paint, and Canada made a move more than a decade ago. The US might be lagging behind a bit, but we are slowly catching up. Waterborne paint is made up of 75% WATER! That’s a massive decrease in the solvents that contribute to environmental damage.


One of the benefits of this newer technology is that it has pushed the paint industry to become more innovative. Not only is there more water and less solvent, but they have also more recently developed a way to increase the pigment in these paints. What that means is a need for fewer coats. If you happen to be a racecar driver that makes you happy because anything to decrease the weight of your vehicle matters. If you’re not a racecar driver, then feel a sense of satisfaction that you are helping the environment with your choice to go with a shop that uses waterborne paint!


Here are the top reasons why waterborne paint is an excellent choice:


  • Considerably fewer toxins released into our already-overtaxed environment.

  • Less toxic exposure for the folks doing the work and even the consumer who takes the finished product home and into their garage.

  • The push to reduce solvents in paints has pushed the automotive paint industry to create new and better paint products.

  • Even if you are a huge proponent of going green, you also have to love the results that waterborne paint offers: a cleaner and brighter paint finish than any solvent-based paint. Who wouldn’t like THAT?!


If you want to learn more about the benefits of waterborne paint or your vehicle is need of a complete makeover, visit the pros at Robert’s Collision and Repair at 234 Ramona Ave., Monterey. Make an appointment online at


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