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How to Make Long Drives More Comfortable


Some drivers get antsy during long drives. Boredom and low energy play a big role in this. Luckily there are ways to keep us comfortable when we’re on the road for miles.


1. Cruise control


When your speed is consistent you save money on fuel. Fewer stops to the gas station might give you some peace of mind. However, don’t forget to stop every few hours to stretch your legs.


2. Keep healthy snacks in the car


Staying away from sugar and fast food will keep your energy up and help you from avoiding a  stomach ache. Protein and fiber will give you a steady flow of energy. Nuts, berries, bananas, apples, carrots, and yogurt are smart choices.


3. Drink plenty of water


A poor mood and fatigue can be the result of dehydration. Have a travel bottle with you and fill it up every time you stop at a rest area.


4. Get a good night’s sleep.


Science has proven that driving tired is almost as dangerous as driving drunk. It’s common to get excited about a long trip the night before but be mindful that your safety depends on rest. Taking a bubble bath, turning off the computer, and staying away from your phone will help you get to sleep and be alert for the trip the next day.


5. Have good listening options available


Don’t count on the radio keeping you entertained as you drive from state to state. You’ll be listening to a lot of the same songs mixed with static. Have a set list of your favorite driving songs available. Listening to audiobooks in the car is also a way to combat boredom.


6. Seat position


Feeling comfortable in your seat while driving is crucial. Place the seat settings in a position where your spine is straight up. Drivers should be able to see rear-view mirrors and roads without straining their necks.


7. Wear comfortable clothes


There’s no huge need to dress to impress when you’re on the road. Gym clothes and pajamas are absolutely appropriate for long car rides. You can change into your favorite outfit once you reach your destination.


If you need any more recommendations for helping you feel comfortable on a long car trip or have auto repair needs, call or schedule an appointment online with the expert team at Robert's Collision & Repair. We’re located at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. We look forward to your visit!


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