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Love Your Car


The Valentine season is upon us and it is not reserved for humans alone. Sometimes we love our cars more than most humans we know and they give us love that simply cannot be offered from a guy or a gal. Who knows what I’m talking about? The feel of the steering wheel under our grip, the way we mold into the seats as she hugs a tight curve, the power we experience as we navigate our way through 17 Mile Drive… these are the gifts our car gives us every day. How can we reciprocate, you ask?


  1. Take your car out for a drive. Hit 17 Mile Drive and let ‘er rip down our beautiful coastline. There’s no better feeling for you and your car than hitting the open road. We live in such a beautiful part of the world and there are so many wonderful places to explore right here in our own backyard. So, fill up your gas tank, check your fluids and your tire’s air pressure and hit the road for a freedom-filled afternoon or pedal-to-the-metal fun!
  2. A new paint job. Your car likes to feel pretty just like the special women in your life do. Or handsome, the way you feel when you put on a new suit that fits just right. And imagine how YOU will feel cruising down the road it what looks and feels like a brand new car with the brand-new-car-sticker shock. This can completely cure your shiny-syndrome-envy and keep you loving your current car for a long time to come.
  3. Full detail service. If you don’t want to go for a new paint job, then a full-service detail is just like a spa day for your car. It not only helps extend the life of your car’s paint, but can breathe new life and sparkle into your car and give you both that feeling of newness. Who doesn’t love the rejuvenation a good spa day provides?
  4. New shoes. Okay...well, maybe new tires for your car. New tires is one more way to make your car feel loved and appreciated. Not to mention it helps keep you safe, increases gas mileage, and improves drivability. If you don’t need new tires yet, simply having them rotated and balanced can make your drive far more enjoyable. 

Robert’s Collision & Repair is here for you and your vehicle. We can provide your car with all the love it needs this Valentine’s day and beyond. Don’t make your human jealous though… make sure to get in there and give him or her some good lovin’ too! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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