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What Is The Most Important Safety Feature On Your Vehicle?

Photo byWill Porada onUnsplash


Do you know what the most important safety feature is on your car, truck, or SUV?


  • If you think it’s your air bags, you’re wrong.

  • If you think it’s your seat belt, think again.

  • Maybe it’s the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System) on that newer vehicle you own? Nope.

  • How about the headlights that run day and night? Nice try, but no.

  • Windshield wipers? Nyet.

  • Safety glass? Nuh-uh.


What is the most important safety feature on your vehicle?


The number one safety feature is your braking system. All of the other safety features are secondary to your brakes, which are responsible for stopping you in time before a collision.


When was the last time you had your brakes serviced or repaired? If you cannot remember, it would be wise to take your vehicle into your favorite auto mechanic for a safety inspection.


In the past, CARSTAR Robert’s Collision offered brake repair and service. However, now that we are only offering auto body repair, paint, and detailing services, we no longer offer mechanical preventive maintenance for cars. We will fix your car’s brakes after an accident and restore your vehicle to pre-collision conditions. But we are no longer the auto repair facility that will perform factory-scheduled maintenance service on vehicles. If, however, you need a recommendation of some local mechanics who can assist you with high-quality brake repair and service, we will be happy to share our thoughts based on your vehicle make and requirements.


But since we are the auto body repair business, we want to be perfectly clear that even though we’d love to repair your car after a collision, we would prefer you stay safe and avoid any accidents. Therefore, we highly recommend you take your vehicle into a local mechanic for a brake inspection to make sure your vehicle is in top shape and stop quickly to lower your risk of collision.

Does your vehicle need some auto body repair or detailing work? Our auto body team is happy to assist you with that. We invite you to CARSTAR Robert’s Collision for auto body repairs, touch-up paint, a major paint job, wheel alignment, or detailing services. We invite you to schedule an appointment at


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