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Why Should Women Become Auto Mechanics?

Women should become auto mechanics if that is what their heart’s desire. There is no better time than right now to make this happen. There is a considerable shortage of qualified technicians and service advisors. That leaves the doors wide open for women to step in and take their place in this industry. With only 2% of the auto repair workforce checking the female box, it’s just a matter of time before that number significantly increases.

Women mechanics work just as hard as the men do, tend to have better attention to detail than most men, and their communication skills are often much better than their male counterparts. These are generalizations, but you get the gist. There is room, and a need, for women in this industry.

Any woman who is interested in becoming an auto mechanic or technician should pursue a career in the industry. There is an old stereotype that the automotive industry is a "man's world" and while much of that still rings true, more and more women are entering this field with enthusiasm and shifting the balance.

Women have been in the automotive industry since it started. During World War I, women drove ambulances for the Red Cross and were expected to furnish, maintain, and repair the vehicles. They also played a huge role in World War II with making various mechanical parts for the defense industry. Women have been more involved in the automotive sector than most would imagine: Mary Anderson was the first to invent the windshield wiper; Florence Lawrence developed the first turn signal, and Alice Ramsey was the first women to drive coast to coast.



When learning the skills needed to be an auto mechanic or technician used to happen through family members passing down their knowledge, this limited the skilled worker's depth of knowledge. In today's world, one gains the necessary skills through trade schools, formal training, and hands-on learning. Trade schools are significantly cheaper than college and take half the time to complete programs. Mechanics have gone from needing physical skills to more intellectual abilities due to electric cars and advanced, cutting-edge technology. Now that automotive repair services need more people trained in technical and electronics, it has helped reduced the barriers to entry that women have faced.



Becoming an auto mechanic or technician has good pay, and there is a strong demand that won’t lessen in the foreseeable future. Right now is the best time for any women to pursue a career in the automotive industry. A majority of businesses want a more diverse staff and are encouraging women to join them. There is no reason why a woman can't become a mechanic or technician. Go out and pursue your dreams!



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