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What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

A lit up check engine light could mean a lot of things. Perhaps it’s a small issue or it could indicate the problem is more serious. If your car is not surging smoke, chances are that you are not in immediate danger. The check engine light is there to keep car drivers aware of engine irregularities and sensory malfunctions. The vehicle’s onboard computer, or engine control unit (ECU), can adjust to make sure that the engine is running efficiently. What do you do when the sensor is getting a bad reading and that “pesky” check engine light turns on?


It’s best to have a professional auto mechanic take a look at your vehicle when your check engine light comes on. They’ll use a code reader that plugs into the vehicle and gives a report. In some cases, there may be an easy solution and you can remedy the problem yourself. For example, not tightening your car’s gas cap all the was could result with a flashing check engine light. If you haven’t seen a difference in your vehicle’s drivability, you can probably hold off on immediate service. However, don’t ignore it as not addressing the problem will ultimately lead to your car failing an emissions systems inspection. In addition, it could also result in hefty repair costs down the line.


Indications that there’s a no major problem:

  • Your car seems to be behaving normally
  • No strange noises, smoke or smells
  • You’re getting the same gas mileage


Indications that the problem is more serious:

  • A constant, rattle or other unusual noise
  • Smoke
  • A serious decline in gas mileage
  • The car is not starting
  • Major loss of power

If you want professional technicians to determine why the check engine light has come on, visit Robert's Collision Repair. Our skilled mechanics provide the most quality auto repair in the region, and we welcome you to experience our 5-star customer service for yourself. To make an appointment, contact us. We’re located at 234 Ramona Ave, Monterey, CA. 93940  We look forward to your visit!


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