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5 Tips To Avoid Road Rage & Stay Calm While Driving

By globalmoments


Calming Our Inner Demons (Avoiding road rage)

Road rage is a common occurrence on the roads today. It can be dangerous and cause accidents. Typically, it all comes down to ego. Those little inner demons who want us to "save face" or "have the last word." We know there is a better way to keep yourself and your family safe on the road. So how can you avoid road rage and stay calm while driving? 


5 Tips To Help You Avoid Road Rage

Tips to Avoid Road Rage: 

  1. Don't take things personally. If someone cuts you off, they may not be doing it intentionally. Assume that they're just having a bad day, and brush it off your shoulder.
  2. Avoid making assumptions. If someone is driving slowly, they may have an ill passenger or be new to the area. It's impossible to know another person's circumstances and stresses.
  3. Don't get lost in thought. If you're thinking about something else, you're more likely to get angry when something happens on the road. Try to focus on the road and pay attention to your surroundings.
  4. Use your horn sparingly. If you use it too much, people will tune you out, and you'll just end up getting angry. Furthermore, the horn is a major instigator in American culture; you should be very careful how you use it.
  5. Breathe deeply and count to 10. We know you've heard this one before. But seriously, this will help you stay calm, focused, and more in tune with what matters; getting home to your family and friends.

Stay Calm & Drive On

We know staying calm while driving can be difficult, but avoiding road rage is important. Following the tips above can help prevent a collision and stay safe on the roads.

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