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7 Things You Need To Do After A Collision

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You've Been In A Vehicle Collision, Now Here's What To Do

No one ever expects to be in a collision, but unfortunately, accidents happen. If you've been in a collision, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you take care of yourself and your vehicle. 

1. Get yourself to a safe place. 

If you can, move your car to the side of the road or to a nearby parking lot. If your car is not driveable, turn on your hazard lights and wait for help to arrive. Getting yourself out of harm's way before anything else is important.

2. Check for injuries. 

Once you're in a safe place, take a moment to check yourself for injuries. If you're injured, or if you think you may be injured, it's important to seek medical attention right away. Even if you don't think you're injured, it's always best to err on the side of caution and get checked out by a doctor. Whiplash is a common injury following a collision, and sometimes symptoms don't present themselves until days or even weeks after the accident. 

3. Call the police. 

Even if the damage seems minor and everyone involved seems fine, it's important to call the police so that there is an official record of the accident. The police will also be able to direct traffic if necessary and help ensure everyone's safety. 

4. Exchange information with the other driver (or drivers). 

You'll need to exchange insurance information with the other driver (or drivers) involved in the accident. It's also important to get their contact information in case you need to reach them later on. 

5. Take pictures & video of the damage. 

If possible, take pictures & video of both your car and the other car (or cars) involved in the accident. These pictures will be helpful when filing an insurance claim or working with an auto body shop on repairs.  

6. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident.

They will likely have specific instructions for you regarding the next steps, but it's important that they are aware of the accident as soon as possible so that they can begin processing your claim promptly.

7. Work with an auto body shop with insurance claims experience.

Not all auto body shops are created equal, and it's important to find one that has experience dealing with insurance companies and can help guide you through the process from start to finish. 


We understand that dealing with an accident is stressful enough - let us help repair your car as stress-free as possible. At CARSTAR Robert's Collision, we work with all major insurance companies and would be more than happy to assist you following your collision.

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