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Most Common Car Repairs During the Summer

For many families, the car gets a lot more mileage during the summer than during the fall, winter, and spring. As many field trips and daily commutes as there may be, the road trips to visit family and four-wheeling up to the very best camping site are far more rigorous for most vehicles. That’s why we recommend scheduling a trip to see us at Robert's Collision and Repair as soon as possible so that we can check out your car from top to bottom. We want to make sure you don’t get any surprise breakdowns coasting along 17-Mile Drive.


So to prep for summer, it’s good to know what the most frequent culprits for summer breakdowns are. From our experience, here are the most common reasons that cars come to us at Robert’s Collision & Repair in Monterey for repairs during the summer:


Overheated Engine Repair

During the warmer season, your car has to work even harder to keep the engine cool, which results in many engines overheating very quickly. Usually, the repair for this is simply more coolant or a new thermostat unless the engine has a history of overheating again and again. For engines that overheat frequently despite having a plenty of coolant and a new thermostat, more serious and extensive repairs may be necessary.


Air Conditioner Repair

Simply because most drivers rarely run the A/C during the winter, any issues that accumulated during the offseason will be blatantly obvious as soon as the summer sun hits. Near the beginning of the summer is when we see the most customers come in for A/C repairs.


Tire Changes

For those who have invested in winter tires or any tires with specialized tread not suited for summer, you’ll have to bring your car in to rotate back to summer or all season tires. This is a simple enough solution, but it is important to remember so that drivers don’t needlessly wear out expensive winter tires. Another reason tire changes are common during the summer is because of how hot the asphalt can get, priming tires to blow out more often.


Battery Replacement

Getting your battery tested is critical, especially since you don’t want it dying in the middle of nowhere. If that does happen, check out our previous blog on how to jump a battery, and then get a test or replacement as soon as possible. Remember to put your car in accessory for those drive-in movies, and keep some jumper cables and a flashlight in the car just in case!


In general, it’s a great idea to bring your car into Robert’s Collision and Repair before the summer begins. Don’t let car trouble hold you back from experiencing the summer of ‘17, and stop by before you head on your way!



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