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New Year Resolutions for You and Your Car

For us, it’s become a tradition to share a few New Year’s Resolutions with you. Sometimes resolutions are tough to stick to, but these 5 simple car care routines are quick and easy to maintain. Little reminders to do the simple things to keep your car running until next year!

1) Get your car washed regularly

This is one of those little things that fall to the side after a while. Keeping your car washed and clean can help maintain visibility and extend the life of your paint coat!

2) Check the oil

Making sure you always have enough motor oil in the engine is a simple thing to check, and cheap to maintain. And it’s great for your engine!

3) Check your tires

Just a couple extra minutes in the morning, make sure your tires aren’t going flat on you. You can even use the penny trick!

4) Take it in for maintenance
Yes, we know. You hear this all the time. Even still, we can’t stress enough how important regular maintenance like oil changes are to the life of your car and your engine.

5) Keep your insurance up to date

Not only will this keep you driving worry-free for the year, but it’s mandatory. Take a moment to check that your papers are in the car and your stickers are up to date!


Stay on top of these 5 tasks for your car this year, and the other road bumps to come won’t be so bad. For the issues that you do run into, you can come into CARSTAR Robert’s Collision & Repair! Make an appointment at  



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