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Vehicle Computer Diagnosis Simplified and Explained


You are most likely aware that computers now monitor and control nearly every component of your vehicle. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you may think that a car's computer will "tell" you what is going on with your vehicle. Others believe that when a scan tool is like magic; when plugged into their car that the issue is reset, never to come back again. Some folks are terrified of the entire diagnosing process, and some use the computer diagnosis process to seem like an auto whisperer of sorts.


The code reading process is quite simple when broken down. There is a scan tool called a DLC device (Diagnostic Link Connector). Many brands and types are available that have varying capabilities depending on quality. Simple scan tools are only code readers that scan your vehicle's memory for stored DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).


It is a common misconception that the DTC codes stored in your car's computer will tell you precisely what needs to get fixed; this is not true. Codes determine what system is having an issue, if a sensor or circuit is becoming faulty, or if a particular computer program is no longer able to control certain operating conditions. Without codes, your auto mechanic has no leads or hints as to what is going on within your vehicle. These stored codes help your auto repair shop to begin their search for the root cause of an issue. Keep in mind there are occasions that a code is not tripped. However, your vehicle may still experience problems. Pulling codes does not give a diagnosis; they offer a marker or place to begin the search. The diagnosis is sometimes called RCA or Root Cause Analysis, which is a good description of the diagnostic process.


There are times when there is no code saved in your computer's memory. However, the check engine light will have turned on. It is rare. However, it is possible. When this happens, it could be any system, not just your vehicle's computer, that caused this to happen. Without a code to guide your auto repair shop, they are looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, as one might say. This type of diagnostic is quite manageable with your experienced auto mechanics at CARSTAR Robert's Collision and Repair in Monterey. Sometimes multiple codes are stored in your vehicle's computer, which can be helpful as it offers even more information helping to narrow down what the issue could be. There is also the chance that these codes could be completely unrelated, and there is a variety pack of separate problems to address in your car.


At Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey, our team will always put you first. Are experts in computer diagnostics and offer top-notch service and speedy turnaround times. We have state-of-the-art mechanical and technical skills and equipment to care for your vehicle under the hood, as well as what it takes to make it look great for years to come. Whether you need a full service, auto bodywork, or auto service or repair, make your appointment with Robert's Collision & Repair today! See you soon!


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