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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Reflecting On 2020 & Our Hopes For A Better Year

As we reflect on 2020, we have hopes for a better year. Please, do not think that we are making any political statements in this week’s blog. Instead, our goal is to find the good in a yearlong, rough situation. We hope that in 2021, we will continue to remain healthy and fully employed, but we also wish for more travel opportunities and the ability to visit friends and family like we did before the Coronavirus. It’s a worthy goal, right?   It is easy to point out all of the things that didn’t go well in 2020. But there is a positive way to look at this year. This year forced us out of our comfort zones and made us find new ways of working, learning, and connecting with friends and family. We no longer take for granted live music, movie theaters, restaurants, amusement parks, and our very own Monterey Bay Aquarium. This year woke us up in many ways that we resisted. But we fully believe that the changes we saw due to COVID-19 are going to benefit us as we move ... read more



Home For The Holidays In 2020

If you are staying home for the holidays on the Monterey Peninsula, that’s terrific! 2020 has been quite a year, and we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place on California’s Central Coast. If you are looking for places to hang out on the Monterey Peninsula during the 2020 Winter holidays, we have some ideas for you and your family to enjoy.   Enjoy the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. If you like to walk, bike, skateboard, jog, or take a surrey ride along our rocky shore, our recreational trail is one of the best in the world. The majority of visitors stick to the portion of trail between Lovers Point in Pacific Grove to the Tides Hotel at the border of Monterey and Seaside. However, this trail continues further South to Asilomar State Beach and further North to Castroville. The entire trail is beautiful, so enjoy the view and be sure to wear your facemasks.   Go Golfing. We have world-class golf courses here on the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey ... read more



How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Holiday Travel

It’s almost time to hit the road and go see the family for the holidays. To prepare your vehicle for holiday travel, we thought it would be wise to provide a checklist showing how you can prepare for smooth, stress-free driving.    We hope you enjoy this helpful pre-trip checklist.   Check your tires for proper tread and full inflation. Pack all the tools you would need to change a flat tire. If you’re planning to drive in the snow, be sure to bring tire chains. Make sure your battery is fully charged and shows no signs of corrosion. If your brakes are squeaking or squealing, have them checked. Is your car in need of oil change service? Get it done before you go. Do you have an emergency kit? If you’re driving in snow or plan to travel on isolated roads, do you have enough water, snacks, and warm blankets to keep you safe if you’re stranded? Is your Check Engine light on? If yes, make sure your auto mechanic checks it out. Have you pa ... read more


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Remembering Pearl Harbor Day & The Effects on the Monterey Peninsula

On Monday, December 7, 2020, we remember Pearl Harbor Day. If you are a longtime local you may know this, but Monterey experienced lasting effects after the Japanese attack. If you are new to the Monterey Peninsula or are a fan of history, this week’s blog centers around Pearl Harbor Day and what happened in the Monterey Peninsula.   The war was brought to California’s coast just eleven days after Pearl Harbor. Several areas were targeted by Japanese submarines, including Cape Mendocino, Monterey Bay, Estero Bay, and San Diego. Monterey Bay was on high alert all the way from Santa Cruz to Pacific Grove. According to the Mobile Ranger blog, submarines in these areas were an effort to scare the Americans into thinking a large attack on the mainland was coming next. The cities were chosen for their locations along commonly used shipping lanes and for the best opportunity to attack ... read more


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