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Best Beach Hack Car Accessories

In Monterey, we are so lucky to have such beautiful beaches and deep waters right in our backyard. Whether you’re headed to any beach along the coast of Marina, Seaside, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel-By-the-Sea, and Big Sur, you know you’re in for a beautiful view. At Robert’s Collision and Repair, we’ve got a few things figured out about what to bring to those beach trips to make the most of them!

Of course, there are the beach trip standards, which include: towels, beach blanket, cooler, umbrella, sunscreen, etc. Having lived near the ocean for so long, we’ve got the inside scoop on things you might not have thought of but will make all the difference for your beach trip. That’s why we’ve made this list of beach hacks and car accessories to keep in your car for the next time you head to the shore!

  1. Bike Rack

If sun tanning and swimming isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a bike ride along the beach. We recommend the 17-mile drive out by Asilomar and the bike trails around Seaside. With this, you can enjoy biking around the with the comfort of driving back home at the end of the day.


2. Back Seat Organizer

This is an awesome way to keep your kid’s toys or beach supplies like sunscreen, aloe, and bug spray organized into one spot!


3. Waterproof, Floating Electronic Cases

Avoid the sheer horror of watching your phone sink helplessly to the ocean floor and invest in some waterproof cases that can float your gear back to safety. Alternatively, we recommend leaving them in the car altogether!


4. Sand-Away Beach Blanket

As we mentioned earlier, a beach blanket is a standard part of ocean trips. But a sand repelling one? Yes, please! Especially if you’re planning an oceanside picnic, you’ll want a few extra means of keeping sand out of your food, and this serves as a way to do so. Keep this rolled up in your trunk so you always have it with you when you’re heading to the beach!


5. Beach Chairs

These are great little beach chairs because all you need to do is stick them in the sand and boom, done. They’re also small enough to keep two or three in your trunk without taking up too much room.


6. Beach Drink Holders / Spiked Coasters

There are many variations around the internet of these guys, and they work very well. Stick them in the sand and prevent your drinks from turning to mud! They’re also very small and light, so keeping them in the car ready for the next adventure is easy.


7. Waterproof, padded Back Seat Cover

This is the best way we’ve seen to keep your car’s interior clean after a beach trip. This back seat cover is padded, waterproof, non-slip, with holes for all the seatbelt to thread through and pockets!


Finally, the best ‘beach hack’ for your car is to make sure it’s running well enough for the trip. Bring your car into Robert’s Collision and Repair for a checkup to make sure your car is beach and summer ready.



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