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My Car is Not Accelerating: What Does it Mean?

At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we hear about this particular issue very frequently. So from the experts, here are a couple reasons why your car might not be accelerating.


Emergency Brake

First things first, check if your emergency brake is on. This prevents you from moving at all, and it’s a pretty common mistake.



Similarly, if your car is set in neutral, it may stay at a stand still just as with an emergency brake or roll away unintentionally. This is another easy mistake with a pretty easy solution.


Electrical Issues

This is not so much an easy solution. Electrical issues will require a maintenance professional to take a look at your car. Often, it has to do with the car misreading its own pollution error. Luckily, we know a great mechanic! (hint: it’s us!)


Worn Timing Belt

This simply means that you’ll need your timing belt repaired or replaced. As you accelerate, the wheels turn and increase your rotations per minute (RPM). This strains the timing belt, so if it is worn, the acceleration will hesitate or fail.


Low Fuel Pressure

This is a more complicated problem but can be quickly remedied with a replacement or maintenance of the fuel pump. You’ll know your car’s issue is low fuel pressure if the car sputters too much, doesn’t quite accelerate, there are power issues, or if the car doesn’t start at all.

These are just a handful of suggestions about why a car might not accelerate. If you’d like to know more or need any assistance with your car, give us a call! We’d be happy to help.


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